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Wiggly Squiggle is a story of a squiggle that just doesn’t believe they are ‘enough’. Wiggly tries to fit themselves into other popular shapes, merely trying to “fit in” but nothing feels right.

This poem is dedicated to anyone who feels like they need to be something or someone else to be accepted. Be yourself. You are awesome. Love your squigglyness.


Authors Note: This one was fun to animate but I also wanted to type it out so that the poem is more accessible. 

Wiggly Squiggle, squiggly woo,

Was a squiggly wiggle; that much is true.

What use is a squiggly wiggle? They wondered.

And into a hole of self-pity, they plundered.


Wiggly Squiggle tried being a square.

But having four corners got them nowhere.

Squares can’t move, but they do make good tables.

They are also shaped like boxes and labels. 


Wiggly Squiggle tried being round.

Circular motions are useful, they found!

In circles, they spun until they got dizzy.

Being a circle just kept them too busy!


Wiggly Squiggle tried out a straight line.

They fell fast asleep, which was not a good sign.

Being a line was rather quite boring.

It made them so sleepy that they started snoring.


Wiggly Squiggle tried being a heart.

They loved the shape, which was a good start.

But hearts work hard and must keep beating.

Repetitive motion was rather defeating. 


Wiggly Squiggle, squiggly woo.

Thought about all the things squiggles could do. 

Writing, dancing, drawing and doodles.

Squiggles, wiggles, wriggles and noodles. 


There were so many things that a squiggle could do,

Thought Wiggly Squiggle, squiggly woo.

So a squiggle they stayed, and they had a ball!

Being a squiggle was the best thing of all!

This was fun to animate but I’m for sure no animator! A huge thanks to Bardot Brush for my basic Procreate skills. I used the Bardot Swirly Scribble brush from the Bardot Brush Pencil Box to create Wiggly Squiggle. And thanks to my awesome boyfriend who contributed to Wiggly’s sound effects!

Are you a squiggly wiggle? If so, comment below and tell me what you love about yourself?